Science Investigation

Year 5 and 6 have started a new science topic: reversible and irreversible changes. In Aquila we began to look at how different materials can be grouped on the basis of their properties. We carried out an investigation to compare materials according to their magnetism, flexibility, permeability, transparency and investigationscience investigation 3science investigation 2

We then investigated thermal conductors and insulators. For this investigation we placed ice cubes in cups and wrapped various materials around the outside of the cup. We then measured the temperatures inside the cup at three minute intervals to discover what material was the best thermal insulator for a new lunch box that we had been asked to design.

science investigation 4



Welcome Back

A very warm welcome back and Happy New Year. We hope you have had a peaceful and holy Christmas. Thank you to all children and family members who attended the Advent Carol Service last term. This was a huge success and I’m sure you will agree, the children were fantastic. We have a busy term ahead and lots of exciting things to look forward to.


Science Workshop

Yesterday we were lucky enough to have a talk from Mr Shields about our solar system. He taught us about our earth, sun and moon and how satellites are launched into space. We had the opportunity to speak to a real scientist and see parts of a real satellite. Have a look at the photos below.

Model Solar System

Today Year 5 created a model of the solar system using fruit. They worked out a scale and placed the fruit in the correct place based on their scale. They chose the fruit based on the size of the planet.

Which planet do you think was represented by our the watermelon (our biggest fruit)?

What do you think we used for Mercury?

World War II Day

A reminder that it is our World War II day on Friday. Children are asked to come dressed as someone from the Second World War. This could include an evacuee, a soldier, a nurse, an air warden or something of their choice.

You may also wish to bring a World War II inspired packed lunch. Try to be creative with this.

We are asking for a £2 donation towards the cost of the workshop.

We look forward to seeing all of your costumes on Friday.


Welcome to our new Year 5/6 blog. We will post photos of our learning and keep you up-to-date with the fun we are having. Please feel free to comment and respond to posts.

We would like to start by welcoming back our Year 6 farmers. They had a fantastic time at Nethercott Farm last week and have come back with many stories of the exciting times they had. If you haven’t already seen the photos on our Facebook page, we will be posting some on the blog soon.

Year 5 are enjoying their bikeability week with some children riding a bike for the first time. They have been praised for their enthusiasm and mature and sensible attitude. We hope they enjoy the rest of their week.